Pentesting Active Directory – stealing hashes

It has been a while since i have updated the website with a new blog.

In april i have passed the eCPPT exam which made me hungry for more. the exam was challenging as well and i found it very useful.

Eventually i will try to pass the OSCP but first i am going to learn for the CISSP exam which i think will be very hard.

In the meantime i am focussing on pentesting the Active Directory on very different manners and i will try to blog this for myself and future followers.

The first part i am going to explain how you can steel hashes in a Windows environment.

My AD-Hack-LAB contains:

  • Windows server 2016 (adhack.lab Domain Server,
  • Windows 10 computer (domain joined as WIN10PC1,
  • Windows 10 computer (domain joined as WIN10PC2
  • Windows 10 computer (not domain joined (WIN10PC3,
  • Kali linux 2019.1 (AttackerPC,
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